Stay Crowned! πŸ‘‘

Welcome Coiled Sistas! You just stumbled on a Gold Mine. I say this because as many you know the natural hair transitioning is challenging. I first would like to say I have joined the “Big Chop.” Club! πŸ’‡πŸ½ and it felt so liberating! Now that the excitement has diminished, and the real question of: “Now what?” has entered my mind I have promised myself to not purchase but Several products. Lol. Hey, after all Girls just want to shop and have fun. In saying this my first products will be: 1. Cantu Curling Pudding 2. Coconut Oil 3. Poo (Shampoo/Conditioner). That’s all for now, please comment below on your transitioning process, struggles, and successes. As always, remember to Stay Crowned. πŸ‘ΈπŸ½πŸ‘‘


New Products

Morning Sistahs!

I know that buying too many products is not recommended when having Natural hair. I must say walking down the hair product aisle had me excited to try something new. Today I picked up a product called ORS Curls Unleashed. I will see how this works after my hair appointment today. Has anyone tried this product out?

Stay Coiled πŸ–€



We know that the idea of letting length off our Coils go can be scary. I will be the first to tell you that I was frightened by the idea. Once it happened the “Big Chop” I felt awesome. It is the second week that I have been rocking my edgy natural cut. The question that needs to be raised is: At what moment in your life did you decide that relaxed hair wasn’t for you anymore? My moment happened, when I changed my eating and started living more of an organic lifestyle.

Stay Coiled πŸ–€

Bounce them Coils!

Morning Coiled Sistas,

As I get ready to start my day I have to let you in on something. African Pride has the best Curl Pudding and Edge Control out on the market. My kiddos leave the house with their crowns moisturized and smelling like heaven. I will be the first to give these products ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️. Thank goodness that my crown has tapered Coils, because my kiddos hair routine takes at least 5-10 minutes per head. Yeah, that’s a longtime in my book.

-Stay Crowned-πŸ‘‘

Poo Day

Hello Coiled Sisters! I was not going to let tonight go without getting my daughters coiled curls clean. Tonights hair regimen included: Wash & Condition with Tea Tree products. My favorite poo is the Cantu Poo for kids. Afterwards, I detangled her hair with Cantu Kids detangling spray, and dressed the hair with Cantu Curl Pudding .All I can say is:

“Wooh to Poo Night.”

Even The Little Crowns are Slaying!

It wouldn’t be right to not introduce this my Jewels! My daughter and son have a healthy crown that is topped with a 4-B/ 4-C mix. I use Cantu Curling Pudding and African Pride Dream Kids Quick Bounce to maintain their bouncy coils. Proud Moms of Coiled Kids, what are your “Go To” products. Drop a comment/pic.

-Stay Crowned-πŸ‘‘